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Back to School Ready! Summer Construction Progress

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

It has been a busy summer with construction at ZPS! Check out some of the changes that happened this summer:

New Bleachers at Cityside and East High School

This summer, the old bleachers were tore out and replaced at both Cityside Middle School and East High School. Cityside bleachers were still the original wood. Both sets of bleachers now function much better and are ready for use!

Recoated Roof at East High School

The roof at East High School was recoated, which will help extend the life.

Mechanical Improvements at Cityside

We replaced the air handling units at Cityside Middle School. This will allow the building to be more energy efficient with cleaner air units.

Updated Lighting

The gymnasium lighting was upgraded at both East High School and West High School. In addition, the athletic stadium lighting was also updated.

New Groningen Parking and Traffic Flow Improvements

New Groningen Elementary parking lot was improved to create a more efficient traffic pattern. Parents can more safely navigate around the building during drop-off and pick-up times.

Stay tuned for updates on this and other projects that focus on our commitment to safe, valued, loved, and learning at ZPS.

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