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Cityside Middle School's new PoolPak!

Learn about the new PoolPaks installed Cityside Middle School this past Fall.

DHE Plumbing and Mechanical, our HVAC contractor, unloaded two new 13,000 lb Pool Paks at Cityside Middle School with a 240-ton crane.

What is a Pool Pak?
A Pool Pak is a dehumidification system. Natatoriums require a large, high-capacity dehumidification system to control condensation from pool water evaporation. The pools also require ventilation to meet safe building requirements.
Why were the Pool Paks installed on the roof?
The roof-mounted Pool Paks would not fit in the existing mechanical room. Installing them on the rooftop frees up space within the existing mechanical room, ridding the space of additional congestion the units would otherwise occupy and allows for more accessibility to piping and running ductwork.

ZPS is upgrading a total of 16 air handling units at Cityside Middle School! The new equipment is more serviceable and modern, saving the District maintenance costs.

Stay tuned for updates on this and other projects that focus on our commitment to safe, valued, loved, and learning at ZPS.

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